Lesson 3 – The GJF “Three” Week Plan

Lesson Outline

The GJF has a three week plan of sharing and formation:
While this outline is given to help provide a structure it is also good to have some flexibility to follow the movement of the Spirit in terms of how and when to integrate these elements.
Week One – Individual sharing of what God is doing in our daily experiences of life, both the victories and struggles. There is also an opportunity to be encouraged and challenged to better live our faith in the world.
 Week Two – Individual sharing of opportunities we may have had over the last couple weeks to share our faith with someone else. This can promote awareness and accountability of the opportunities the Lord does give us, and assist in the practical application of growing in our ability to effectively evangelize.
 Week Three – A supplementary formation evening based on questions that have come up in Weeks One and Two. The leader can prepare a lesson based on the content shared over the last couple weeks, which can promote further sharing and discussion.
Questions will be provided for weeks one and two to help provide material and direction for the sharing time. We also have a number of prepared lessons in the Lesson Content Section of GFJ that can be played on a laptop or iPad with your group, including follow up questions to make facilitation easier.
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