Parish Missions

The primary goal of of Fr. Ben’s Parish Missions is to re-evangelize Catholic laity, through engaging Catholic parishioners to become His missionary disciples.  Over the course of three to four nights of mission, he seeks to proclaim the heart of the Gospel message, encourage openness of heart to a personal encounter with God, and teach on the basics of evangelization and the building of strong supportive community.

For the first part of the evening, Fr. Ben uses humor, teaching and hopeful stories in conveying the Gospel.  After the talk, through special times of prayer and encountering Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (Adoration), we will trust and pray that God will touch His people’s hearts.  Through it all, we seek to stir up a fire in the hearts of those attending the mission, to begin to share their faith with others that they meet each day in the normal circumstances of life.  If possible we would love to have a follow up mission where we could focus on the more practical aspects of spiritual growth and our mission to participate in a New Evangelization.

Fr Ben has done over 100 parish missions over his 19 years of priestly ministry, mostly in Ontario in Canada but also a number of them in the US including Minnesota, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida.

Evangelization Workshop

Fr Ben has developed a weekend workshop on the topic of evangelization to help people better understand this most importance aspect of the Christian life. Pope Paul VI wrote in the 1970’s that the Church “exists to evangelize”. It has also been said that the Church is the only institution in the world that exists for non-members. It is interesting, then, that many Catholics have not been taught how to integrate this into their daily lives.

Our aim in the workshop is to lay out a basic understanding of evangelization, review the essential message that we are proclaiming, and then move into practically how we can make that a part of our daily experience through personal witness stories and apologetics.

  • Theology of evangelization
  • The importance of Proclamation
  • Pre-evangelization & developing our personal testimony
  • The Agent of Evangelization & power evangelization
  • Apologetics

To learn more about evanglization  click here.

Spiritual Gifts Workshop

In this “Discover Your Spiritual Gifts” workshop, Fr. Ben St. Croix, CC, teaches about the importance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and explores twenty-six charisms found in Scripture. He identifies their unique characteristics and shares ways to discern how to use these gifts to build up the Church.

The seminar will take approximately 6-7 hours in total which should also include a couple of small group sessions. A workbook will be included with the seminar.

  • Learn About the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Explores 26 Charisms Found in Scripture
  • Discern How Your Gifts Can Build Up God’s Kingdom


“This has been one of the best spiritual and evangelistic missions I have attended in a long time. I thank God for this opportunity to be able to attend. It was excellent!”

“Thank you for your Passion and enthusiasm. Excellent choice of topics A+”

“Excellent Mission! You opened my heart and gave me just what I needed at this time. I am giving my life to the Lord!”

“Father Ben’s mission was the first mission I’ve ever attended… it has changed me in many ways.   I have always felt lost and dry, but now I seem to have this drive to learn more about God, to see his love in all things, to grow in my faith and to use my gifts to become more involved in my community…”

“Father Ben, you certainly have the Charism of teaching in an evangelistic manner. You are a dynamic and enthusiastic communicator… Very relaxed atmosphere… Keep up the good work!”


“Fr. Ben… I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you once again for the passion and emotions you always transmit during your homilies. I don’t know if I can put it properly into words, but… somehow you managed to create a connection with the Holy Spirit in a way that everybody could feel it. I definitely felt it every time. For this I thank you deeply…”

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