Frequently Asked Questions regarding booking a parish mission with Fr Ben


How do I book a parish mission with Fr Ben?

The invitation to lead a parish mission must ultimately come from the pastor of the parish.   We will also have to have the permission of the local bishop if the parish is outside of the Toronto area.   If you are interested in having Fr Ben lead a parish mission, then speak to your pastor and see if he would be interested or open to the idea.     If so than you or his assistant could fill out the form on this website and Fr Ben will then contact the pastor and work out some possible dates and a theme, and getting the bishops permission as well.


How do the expenses get covered?

We will generally take up an offering during the parish mission for the Companions of the Cross. The Companions of the Cross are a registered Charity in both Canada and US.   In addition to this I normally ask the parish to cover the cost of travel. Fr Ben will seek to keep travel expenses to a minimum.


Who books the flights?

It is probably easiest if Fr Ben books the flights and gets reimbursed for these expenses.


Can the parish request a theme?

The parish is welcome to request a theme.   Fr Ben however has a number of topics that he loves to preach on and that have developed over the years.   It would also be helpful to have a sense from the pastor of where the parish is at, and Fr Ben will try to incorporate this into the message.


What are the Themes the Fr Ben likes to talk about?

  • Encountering Jesus
  • The Gift of Faith
  • The need for strong supportive community
  • The Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • How to be an Intentional disciple
  • Growing in Holiness & Prayer
  • Our mission to “Go and make disciples”
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