Helping people become ‘Missionary Disciples

in their own God’s Joy Forum Community

Do you want to belong to a small group where you can talk about what God is doing

in your life and build supportive friendships with others?


Do you want to grow into the person God created you to be and reflect Jesus to others??


Do you want to learn simple ways to bring family, friends and others closer to Jesus?


Do you have a heart to help others to grow in faith and to reach out to others?

What is it about?

In a God’s Joy Forum community normally about 7-12 people get together to help each other get closer to God and talk about how to reach out to others.  Its goals are to discuss in a small group the practicalities of how to grow in both holiness as disciples and live more effectively the mission of the Church.  Group members can be vulnerable, yet comfortable, sharing their weaknesses, challenges and questions and receive the affirmation, support and help for healing and transformation to take place.

The GJF ministry is usually a weekly meeting that is held in someone’s house or in the parish building and exists independent of other ministries.   It can also function as a complementary component in another ministry such as prayer group, in order to help the members with growth in holiness and mission.    These small groups are meant to help the local parish and her members to better realize their calling and mission.

What is unique about the “God’s Joy Forum”?

The GJF model starts with the experiences and challenges Catholics face each day in living and sharing their faith.   From this place questions will arise that will then become the topics for the formation evenings and for further discussion and reflection.   It is an inductive model of learning more than a deductive approach, which has proven in other situations to be much more effective as a learning model.

If you wish to join a “God’s Joy Forum” group or set up one, contact Richard Chung by email by clicking here.

We would like to offer the following to help small group facilitators grow into leadership of their GJF group.

  • One day leader training seminar’s

  • Online resource pages for facilitator training

  • Online resource pages for Leader lesson plans

  • One on one coaching via video or phone

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Facilitator Training

Here are a number of videos and couple of PDF documents to help you understand some of the basics in order to lead your own small group.   On the dynamics of a GJF type group and how to make the group flourish.


Lesson Ideas

Here are a number of videos and PDF outlines with leader notes to provide content for the specific evening sessions.   We have also included questions with each topic near the end of the video to facilitate discussion.


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