Lesson 4 – Welcome the Holy Spirit

Lesson Outline

Here are some tips for leaders in learning to facilitate a GJF meeting and remain open to the Holy Spirit:
There are three essential prayers that a group leader can make at the beginning of the meeting: A prayer of surrender, a prayer of invitation, and a prayer of protection. These can be made formal in a written prayer, or prayed simply from the heart. Then, the leader must discern as the meeting unfolds.
  • Prayer of surrender: We need to invite the Holy Spirit to lead the meeting, and let go of our own will and agenda, or desire to control. Through the prayer of surrender we are following the Lord’s lead.
  • Prayer of invitation: We need to be tuned in to the Holy Spirit’s presence. If the Lord is really leading the meeting, we need to intentionally invite that.
  • Prayer of protection: We need to ask the Lord’s protection from any distractions or unnecessary tangents that can arise during the meeting, so that we can focus on what is really needing to be discussed.
Discernment: Have a sensitivity to how the Holy Spirit is moving in the group. This means that we have to be good listeners not only with our ears but with our hearts, to see when God is moving significantly in someone’s life, and be able to support that. Many can be uncomfortable
when someone begins to share vulnerably, and would like to change the subject, but this can be precisely what is needed to be discussed. The leader will be alerted to certain phrases or key words that will stir their spirit to sense the direction of the Holy Spirit, and can then invite all the members to contribute to the particular topic.
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