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Our Aim is to boldly proclaim the gospel in a New Evangelization initiative of God to win souls for eternity.

I believe that God is calling the church to a dynamic orthodoxy that seeks to empower the laity in the Holy Spirit to live out their vocation in the world as His  Missionary Disciples to ultimately change lives and to transform culture.    Book Fr. Ben for a parish mission, a retreat or workshop or learn about starting a small group in your area to foster the kind of supportive relationships that will renew the world… or just peruse our site and enjoy!



Parish Missions

Retreats & Seminars

“Fr. Ben Missions, retreats & workshops provide people with an opportunity to encounter Jesus in a personal way and to equip them to become His disciples. By proclaiming the Gospel message, through preaching, teaching and personal stories, participants are led into a deeper spiritual growth and practical formation for a fuller participation in the New Evangelization.”

“God’s Joy Forum”

Small Groups

Pope John Paul II indicated that the great challenge facing the Catholic Church today was to foster a Spirituality of Communion whereby Christians would be able to offer one another a deep and genuine friendship for healing, growth and effective mission. Our FAITH ENCOURAGEMENT ENVIRONMENT initiative is the place where this can happen.  Check it out!

Evangelization Training

“God has been stirring the hearts of people and leaders in the Church to announce a new season for Evangelization. NEW in its methods and zeal as an initiative of the laity for our neighborhoods.   Is your parish ready to become an evangelizing parish.   Invite Fr Ben to facilitate a training workshop on this theme”

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