Family as the Domestic Church

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

The GJF family is growing. We now have a new group, called GJF’Trapper, every monday, 7-9 p.m, in Yvette’s home. In addition, the original tuesday, 7-9:15 p.m at Samantha’s is still going on and will be called GJF or GJF’Atoka.

People love our format of open, safe, honest  sharing of personal experiences and experiential formation. In addition to sending people to events to encounter Jesus, this format has been  effective in preparing people’s hearts and minds to let God transform them by the renewal of their mind. [Rom 12:2].

As everything in GJF is the work of the Holy Spirit, we do not limit experiential sharing, and therefore cannot always know how long it will take. In case there is time left in the meeting, we will filll them with short expereintail formations based on resources on Fr. Ben’s website, GJF emails, and especially News or Top Stories (on cell phones) segments.

We suggest you read the text or play the videos, and discuss your personal experiences related to the segment. Let’s start with the following: The Family as Domestic Church

Example of questions:

1) is my family a domestic church? how?

2) if it not, what steps am i going to take from now on to strive towards this goal?

So, Remember to at least scan these GJF emails, relevant radio segments, and Fr. Ben’s website so as to be aware of what’s available and identify issues appropriate to your life you would like to have discussed at a GJF meeting. Keep note of these and bring them up.

Remember the #1 goal of GJF is to meet your spiritual needs so that we can all go to heaven together, not as a lone ranger!

Rejoice in the LORD always; again, I will say rejoice!


Rome for Pentecost

This spring, Pope Francis invited Catholics to join him in Rome this for a few days of Pentecost celebrations to mark the golden anniversary of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Church through the Charismatic Renewal.   It was a blessing to be present for this event with many from the CCR in Toronto.  I was especially touched by God during the Pentecost vigil with Pope Francis’ heart for Christian unity, and sensed that he has been chosen and called to this work by God and that we as Christians must make every effort to reconcile and work together so that our evangelizing efforts will be most effective.

Since we were already in Italy, why not see some great sights as well?
Our group headed out to St. Maria Goretti’s home and basilica, then to Monte Casino (the original monastery of the St Benedict), San Giovanni Rotondo (the home of St. Padre Pio), Lanciano (a Eucharistic miracle from the 8th century) and Assisi (the home of St. Francis and St Claire). I believe it was deeply moving for all.

Enjoy some photos taken on the trip:

Visit with Fr Bob Rivers

During a recent parish mission in Reading, Ma, I had the opportunity to meet Fr Bob Rivers, author of “From Maintenance to Mission”, and have a visit of the Paulist Center in Boston.  The theme of his book is close to my heart.  I long for the day when we will have parishes full of eager disciples growing in their faith and evangelizing the world around them.   Fr. Bob gave me a copy of his book that I hope to dive into real soon.

Here is a photo of myself and the sisters with Fr. Bob, enjoying the view on the balcony of the Paulist Centre. The Massachusetts State House is in the background.

God bless!

Easter Celebrations at York U

I got to join my brother priests, Fr. Carlos and Fr. Bernard, on Campus at York U this Easter for the Triduum. It was a special night – Fr Carlos baptized two new members and confirmed another two.  More fruits of their great outreach ministry on campus! The Lord is touching many hearts through the on-campus faith studies and outreach.

Here’s a photo of the four newest members of the Church, all aglow with the joy of the Holy Spirit!

Trek across Northern Alberta in a CRV

The Companions of the Cross had a great adventure in Northern Alberta in the Archdiocese of Grouard-McLennon this past Lent.   A little back-story is that a year and a half ago, I met Archbishop Gerard Pettipas at a conference near Edmonton, and he invited some CC priests to do a blitz of parish missions in his diocese.    Fr’s Michael Scherrey, Francis Ching, Francis Donnelly, Darren Bryk and myself headed out for two weeks of sharing faith and helping the people to encounter Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Many were touched by the love and mercy of God.  I had the opportunity to minister on three of the First Nations reserves and in the historical towns of Fort Vermillion and High Level.

Here are a couple pictures of Fr. Julien Benedict and the church in the First Nations community of Garden River.


Read up on Reading, MA

I lead a parish mission in Reading, Massachusetts, and was accompanied by some sisters from the Queenship of Mary Community. The mission was held at St. Agnes Parish, and was very well attended. The people were open and eager to go deeper in learning more about the new evangelization – praise God!

As well, the pastor, Fr. Stephen Rock, took us around downtown Boston for a tour and learning more about early US history.A special highlight was going aboard the USS Constitution, where Fr. Stephen had been sworn in as a naval chaplain. We had a lovely lunch and visit!





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